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[agree to collect and use personal information]

[ Collection and use of your Personal Information ]

Article 1. Collection of your Personal Information

Korea.com collects the following personal information for audition.
* Name of Sponsor, contact number, company phone number, e-mail address, company logo

Article 2. Purpose for which yourPersonal InformationisUsed

Casting Koreacollectsand uses your personal data at the same time as the audition starts.

Article 3. Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information

Personal information will be retained and used from the start of audition until the end of the event.

[ Privacy Policy Statement on Handle of your Personal Information ]

Korea.com strived at all times to protect your personal information and is in accordance with the government privacy policy. This statement explains the purposes and the ways your personal Information will be used and measures taken to protect the personal information.

Article 1. Collection of your Personal Information and Methods Collecting your Personal Information

- File name of personal information: Personal or company information of the Sponsor.
- Categories for collection: Name of Sponsor, contact number, company phone number, e-mail address, company logo
- Method of collection: Database of application form submitted by Sponsor through Casting Korea webpage

Article 2. Collection of Personal Information and Purpose for which your Personal Information is Used

Personal information collected is solely be used for casting.Korean.com will acquire consent from participants in advance if there is amendment on thepurpose of collecting personal information.

Article 3. Retention and Destruction method of Personal Information

Retention and destruction method of personal information are as follows.
- Retention period : Personal information will be retained and use from the start of audition until the end of the event.
- Destruction procedure : Personal information will be deleted as soon as the audition finished.
- Destruction method : Personal information that saved in the database is deleted in a technical method which disables the regeneration of the records.

Article 4. Rights of Users and the Method of Exercising Thereof

Users can exercise his or her rights to access, amend, delete and stop the processing of his or her personal information by phone or letter.

Article 5. Transfer of your Personal Information to third parties

Korea.com will not transfer, disclose, grant access to or share your personal information with third parties unless the request is under applicable laws and regulations or with consent.

Article 6. Measures of Safe Management of Personal Information

Korea.com committed to protect the information provided by the users. Your personal information will be processed by minimum number of authorized personnel and protected safely to prevent any leakage.

Article 7. Duty to Notify Changes in Privacy Policy Statement

This Privacy Policy Statement is established by January 23, 2018. In the event the contents of this privacy policy are added, deleted, or modified pursuant to the government policy or security policy, Korea.com will notify such through the homepage within seven days before revision.

I agree to the collection and use of my personal information.